Introducing New Journeys at Vana

Vana Open House

27th October, 2018

Schedule for Young Vanavasi Retreats 2019

May - Tuesday, 21st to Sunday, 26th
June - Tuesday, 18th to Sunday, 23rd
July - Wednesday, 17th to Monday, 22nd
August - Tuesday, 13th to Sunday, 18th

*One may also choose to arrive one night prior and depart one night after.

A Writing Retreat by Rowan Somerville

4th – 11th November, 2018

Writing is one of the first things we learn at school - but can creative writing be taught? Ernest Hemingway once quipped “there is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." The writer and activist Mary Heaton Vorse had a different point of view when she described the art of writing...

A search for equilibrium, learning and the inner journey are at the heart of Vana. We are a refuge for all beings and are beyond conventional definitions. Vana means forest and those that take abode within it are Vanavasis.

Life at Vana

We believe that everything contributes to one’s wellbeing. Architecture, nature, design, music, art, cuisine; simply being at Vana brings about a sense of well being.

The Retreat

It does take a day or two to discover Vana fully, even more to find its hidden nooks, which are best discovered unintentionally and at the right time. You will find places both inside and outdoors to sit and contemplate and to meditate. And others to meet Vanavasis and spend time together. Both time on your own and being with others is vital for one’s retreat. There are also spaces to read and a wonderful collection of books, comics and movies spread across more than one library. Music is an essential part of Vana’s life; you will enjoy many quiet performances and the occasional vibrant one during your time here. The flute is usually played as an offering to nature, regardless of whether anyone is present. Pujas or prayers are often held, for the health, wellbeing and prosperity of all, as well as to pay homage to our Gurus and Gods. Know more...

Vana As A Canvas

The year 2017 saw three firsts for Vana; our first Short Retreat, our first Vana School and our first Vana Foundation Workshop. Know more...