The Retreat

The retreat is defined by the natural wealth within and around it, as well as its unique design and architecture. Protected by sal forest on two sides and blessed with its own orchards of mango and lychee, Vana sits on 21 acres of land spread at various levels. As the world goes on outside, it is a sanctuary for all those that seek wellbeing.

The various wellness, shared and living spaces of the retreat are spread across the estate and mostly around a central focal point. While certain spaces find themselves closer to the forest, others look into our gardens and orchards.

We are located in Dehradun in the Indian State of Uttarakhand, well-connected to New Delhi and Mumbai by air and train. Dehradun enjoys pleasant climate through the year, with the exception of a few days in summer, winter and the monsoon. While winter evenings can get cold, and certain summer days very hot, each season is embraced at Vana in the way we look at cuisine, aromas, our landscape and even our wellness offering.

Ecology is carefully considered at Vana and great care was taken to preserve and enhance its natural wealth in creating it.

At Vana, each guest is important to us. We do not conform to political, cultural or social benchmarks where certain people are designated as VIPs. The Retreat is therefore unable to welcome any guests that require personal security, pre-arrival inspections or other security protocols that disturb our guests, team or life at Vana.

We are also unable to allow any personal attendants or staff accompanying guests.

Our guidelines and restrictions apply equally to all and our vision, mission and values take precedence over individual beliefs. We encourage potential guests with public lives to leave their skin outside Vana. The Retreat is for those who seek it as a refuge of wellbeing.

We humbly request all guests to be conscious of the privacy and peace of those around them.


ALL ENTER AS EQUALS Vana is a space for all beings. It is our endeavour to provide harmony, nourishment and wellbeing for those on the Vana journey. While we all play our roles in life as well as on the Retreat and are designated by labels, these are only relative truths. Perhaps one gets closer to the ultimate truth if all beings, people, plants and animals alike, are perceived equally.

From this notion, arises Vana’s belief that it is a leveller for its guests, where material differences are left outside and people connect to each other and nature equally.

It is also our hope that everyone who enters Vana does so with a generosity of spirit, faith in what we do and an ability to forgive us for our mistakes.

gate gate pāragate pārasamgate bodhi svāhā