At Vana, a nutritious culinary experience is vital. Our cuisine is mindfully put together to complement each guest’s retreat and encourages guests to see food differently - an experience that delights, nourishes and heals.

Our chefs appreciate the delicate balance between different ingredients, flavours, seasons and palates, to create inspiring food that suits different guests’ body types and retreat objectives.

We offer guests two restaurants to choose from – salana, that is inspired by a variety of cuisines and is based on our wellness principles, and ańayu brings together Indian and Oriental palette with ayurvedic principles and gastronomical technique.

Guests can choose from a variety of non-vegetarian, vegetarian and vegan offerings. Nutritional information can be found on all menus to help guests make informed choices. The cuisine at Vana is based on wellness and ayurveda principles. However, we are not prescriptive about a guest's diet at the retreat unless it is essential for their retreat objective. We believe that self-regulation and balance are necessary ingredients for a guest to achieve their goal at the retreat. Our specialists and consultants offer consultations should a guest wish us to craft a diet plan for them.

We believe in using local, seasonal, fresh and organic produce as much as possible and source indigenous varieties. In keeping with our values, we do not air-freight food, nor do we use refined sugars, grains or oils.

As a start to our journey towards using predominantly organic ingredients and involving the local community, all grains, pulses and lentils including the wheat and rice used in our kitchens are organic. We also use organic sunflower oil, as well as certain seasonal vegetables supplied by a local organic cooperative. Our tofu, soya milk and freshly-made cheese are sourced locally.

Our in-house boulangerie uses only local whole grains including millets. We have our own petite stone-mill that allows us to freshly grind grains.


Kuntal Kumar Chef Kuntal has over fifteen years of experience and heads the cuisine team at Vana. Staying true to the retreat’s goal of creating nutritious, mindful and delicious cuisine, Kuntal is committed to crafting a dining experience that is nourishing, conscious of guest retreat objectives and yet creative and satisfying. In line with Vana’s belief that eating right does not mean sacrificing flavour, texture or variety, he uses local, seasonal and organic produce wherever possible while preparing food that is inspired by global and indigenous cuisine. Kuntal is also engaged in Vana’s ongoing mission to create its own network of farmers and producers, to ensure that the community benefits directly and Vana is able to use the freshest and most natural ingredients in its kitchens.


Rajesh Sharma Mindfulness is at the core of Chef Rajesh’s cooking. His innovative culinary style draws inspiration from his Indian heritage and diverse experiences, and incorporates seasonal ingredients from local farms. He offers classes at the retreat on nutritional cooking, giving him the opportunity to interact with guests and share tips on sustainable and healthy cuisine. Rajesh has gained experience from working in India and elsewhere in the sub-continent.


Mohan Singh Rawat With nearly eleven years of experience behind him, Chef Mohan’s culinary philosophy and passion reflect the developing trend towards a healthier lifestyle. A believer that the natural flavours of ingredients should be allowed to express themselves, he brings dedication, skill, passion and a spirit of adventure to cuisine at Vana. Mohan specialises in Indian cuisine and has headed Indian kitchens overseas in the past.


Jyotsna Jha Chef Jyotsna leads boulangerie and patisserie at Vana and creates wholesome desserts and breads for guests at the retreat. Backed with more than ten years of experience, she shares the cuisine team’s passion for preparing mindful cuisine that satisfies the palate and revitalises the body while meeting one’s nutritional needs.