Our Design Partners

Vana hopes to become a beacon of wellbeing and is poised to shape Vana’s future. Nearly five years in the making, it hopes to be the focal point of its creative thinking, wellness knowledge and talent base.

Antoni and Bartomeu Esteva, Esteva i Esteva ArquitecturaOur retreat has been designed by Esteva i Esteva Arquitectura, a boutique design studio from the Balearic Islands in Spain. The studio was founded and is led by Antoni and Bartomeu Esteva, a father and son team that worked closely together and independently. The Esteva aesthetic can best be described as being the perfect harmony between contemporary design and chic rustic simplicity. Some of their iconic projects include Can Simoneta, Son Gener and Convent la Missio. The Estevas have become partners, friends and family to Vana.


Siraj Saxena

Siraj Saxena, artistThe Vana aesthetic has been defined by nature, the Estevas, Veer Singh and Siraj Saxena. Siraj has worked tirelessly on Vana’s project, creating almost 500 pieces of bespoke art across several different mediums including oil on canvas, oil on paper, kite paper, metal mesh, mirror and a prolific variety of ceramics. Siraj is an epitome of a global citizen with very strong roots and a bond for his country. He brings the rural and tribal aesthetic into the contemporary landscape like no other artist in India today.


Rosa Esteva - Cortana

Rosa Esteva, CortanaThe attire for the Vana team was designed by the acclaimed Spanish fashion house, Cortana, created and led by Rosa Esteva using entirely natural fabrics and a very subtle palette of colours. Rosa’s designs have accented the spaces at Vana through its people. Her way of looking at fashion very much reflects both her Mediterranean background and her free spirit.


David Abraham and Rakesh Thakore, Abraham & Thakore The attire for our guests, both to wear during their retreat and in wellness spaces, was designed and developed by Abraham & Thakore. A&T’s niche lies in their ability to create fabrics that pay homage to traditional Indian craft and technique and designs that are avant-garde and fit beautifully into the Vana environment.


Emilia Bergmans and Abhineet Singh, The BrewhouseThe Brewhouse, a creative agency in New Delhi, has designed and implemented the Vana identity. The team has worked closely with Vana to design and curate every detail and nuance that forms the Vana experience. The Brewhouse has created over 200 pieces of individual design including print, digital, packaging, signage, photography and videography.


Rajesh Deoria, artistRajesh Deoria has also worked closely with Siraj and the Vana team to develop unique sculptures from scrap metal that have become iconic works at the retreat.


Angus Hutcheson, AngoAngus Hutcheson is an architect by background who creates light pieces and installations using innovative natural materials that are best described as art. His lamps have brought warmth and a sense of romance into many of the spaces at Vana.