How to Vana

A personalised wellness itinerary is crafted for each guest after their arrival consultation. To aid our preparation, guests are invited to select a primary and secondary retreat objective when booking their retreat. These are completely flexible (minimum stay for certain retreat objectives notwithstanding) and can be altered at the Retreat. A treatment is pre-selected for your first day at Vana, followed by the arrival consultation the same day or the morning after.

Each of our treatments, consultations and private sessions has a value in wellness weights, mostly between one and two. Your retreat includes two wellness weights per guest per night. Additional wellness weights may be taken à la carte if necessary. Vana's system of wellness weights allows transparency and all retreats to be completely personalised and flexible.

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To ensure our retreats are effective, we have a minimum stay of 7 nights. Certain retreat objectives require a longer minimum stay.


Guests are required to sign a disclaimer after their wellness consults and before starting their retreat. Guest information is shared within the Vana team to craft the best itinerary for each guest, to address your needs and preferences, and for our internal learning. This includes health or medical information where relevant. Sensitive medical or personal information is only shared when necessary and usually only within the wellness team. Please let your consultant or specialist know if there is anything you wish them to keep confidential; however, this might affect their ability to provide certain treatments or services.