Life at Vana

We believe that everything contributes to one’s wellbeing. Architecture, nature, design, music, art, aromas and flavours; simply being at Vana brings about a sense of wellbeing.

Our daily wellbeing activities and common dining tables allow guests to interact with each other and our team. Adding to the overall wellness experience are classical music performances, nutritional cuisine lessons, morning and evening yoga, two forms of meditation and a growing list of retreat activities centered around wellbeing.

Vana offers two hikes that help build endurance and give guests a chance to experience the outdoors. Guests can also observe the Rishikesh Aarti and various pujas. In addition, special spiritual and seasonal retreats will be available at Vana at pre-defined periods each year. Though we do not offer planned individual excursions, our retreat vehicles are available for hire at a per hour charge with a driver, accompanying team member and refreshments.

Our relationship with the environment and local community is important to us, as is our team and the way we work. These facets of our existence will continue to evolve and contribute to life at Vana.