People Philosophy

We invest in people and strive to have a transparent culture in which every team member feels that they matter. At Vana, people form the foundation of who we are. Individuals who, through their efforts and experience, maintain the high standards we live by. We are transparent and progressive, with each team member being an integral part of the Vana ideology. We set our goals together, and help each other achieve them.

What we offer our guests is also what we believe in ourselves. Our team participates in daily yoga and meditation, and takes steps to maintain their own wellbeing. The retreat provides healthy food, a gymnasium, comfortable attire, beautiful workspaces and wellbeing activities to all its team members.

Our team consists of professionals from various backgrounds, including wellness, traditional medicine, luxury hospitality and design, each with a strong belief in what we have set out to do. Through our seven key elements, we weave a common thread that binds the concept of Vana.

Every single person at Vana was recruited with great effort and thought. We do not see people as numbers. Nor do we see any person as simple means to achieve our goals. There has always been a lot of value placed in alignment at Vana. It is for this reason that every candidate is first met by several members of the Vana team and finally by Veer Singh, founder of Vana. Read more about Vana's team and recruitment philosophy here.