Retreat Activities

Every week, Vana offers guests a selection of retreat activities, mindfully curated to enhance a guest’s retreat.

Created to be as valuable as our treatments and private sessions, retreat activities at Vana include yoga, tibetan meditation (gom), raag therapy, nutritional cuisine lessons, mindful tea, sufi singing, interaction with our wellness experts and more. Our dedicated library offers guests a space to read or interact with each other. It will also host salons with our specialists. In addition, special spiritual and seasonal retreats will be also available at Vana at pre-defined periods each year.

Weekly hikes help to build endurance and give guests a chance to experience the outdoors. Guests can also visit the Jabarkhet Nature Reserve – an initiative in Mussoorie created to support conservation, education and local livelihoods. Each season, the reserve promises interesting variations of sight, smell and sound, making it ideal for photography, bird watching, meditation or simply being.

Each of these activities has been crafted to be meaningful and unique, with the aim of exploring various facets of wellbeing.

Alongside Vana’s vast array of treatments, consultations and private sessions, our retreat activities play an integral role in creating a transformative experience for all guests on retreat. The Retreat Calendar is under constant evolution and will continue to grow and include more parts of our wellness offering.

Led by our specialists, practitioners and experts, our retreat activities are open to all guests and are not charged for.