Retreat Inclusions

Retreats at Vana are always comprehensive and include cuisine, treatments, attire and airport transfers from Dehradun. Wellness consultations are arranged both at the arrival and departure.Breakfast, lunch, dinner and beverages based on Vana’s wellness cuisine are part of the retreat experience. We provide all our Vanavasis with comfortable kurta pajamas to wear at the Retreat as well as footwear. This includes woollen capes during winter months. Retreat activities with focus on wellness, cuisine, music are especially curated for Vanavasis during their stay at the Retreat.*

In a step towards furthering and expressing our vision to be of service and enhance wellbeing more holistically, Vana is growing towards a paradigm of wisdom, wellness, learning and giving as its foundation tenets. To facilitate this evolving paradigm, we are initiating Vana 2.0. It will more assertively encompass and embrace all those components that we recognise as essential for our development towards higher wellbeing and consciousness – more laterally and in greater proportions. Hence, as the dimensions of these four pillars evolve further with time, few of the Retreat Inclusions offered would also undergo a change.

Short Retreats, Retreat Residencies and other such similar activities that are hosted at Vana will have separate Retreat Inclusions owing to their focus on spiritual wisdom, knowledge and skills.

*Wine and Residence Dining delivery will incur a supplement charge.
Treatments/consultations/private sessions are based on two wellness weights per night per Vanavasi.
Your retreat includes all taxes. No service charge or gratuities are added and our Team Members do not expect tips as appreciation for their work.