Retreat Residency at Vana

Vana seeks to host emerging and established artists, musicians, academics and spiritual guides to be in residence at the Retreat and share their knowledge and skills with our guests and team.

Our endeavour is to create engagement and catalyse the creativity of those guests that wish to stimulate their mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing while at Vana. We welcome accomplished people from the disciplines of visual arts, music, literature, performing arts, architecture, design, philosophy and farming who are willing to contribute their time to Vana for a period ranging between one and four weeks.

Those applying to the ‘Retreat Residency’ initiative would need to have exceled in their field, held sessions with small groups of participants in the past, have a genuine ability to communicate and believe in the purpose of enhancing wellbeing.

Should you wish to apply, please e-mail us with the following details: your name, e-mail address, date of birth, country of residence, a brief summary of your background and why you would like to pursue a residency at Vana. Any supporting information or material would be most appreciated.

Each ‘Retreat Residency’ relationship would be mutually discussed and agreed upon and would not include any financial commitment.