Retreat Objectives

At Vana, we craft a bespoke wellness itinerary for each guest during their arrival consultation at the Retreat. Our treatments, consultations and retreat activities, along with an emphasis on the right cuisine, allow our wellness consultants to weave together a personalised retreat for each guest.

Guests may choose from a variety of retreat objectives. These are flexible and always open to change. We recommend choosing no more than two objectives. To ensure our retreats are effective, we have a minimum stay of 7 nights. Some objectives have a longer minimum stay.

With focus on acupuncture, chi nei tsang, moxibustion, cupping, raag therapy and nutrition, a retreat created around our Natural Healing offering could address various aspects of physical, mental or emotional wellbeing. These treatments have proven extremely successful in dealing with health and lifestyle issues and act as an alternative or complement to other parts of Vana’s wellness offering.

Minimum stay: 14 nights
Optimum stay: 21 nights

Chi Nei Tsang will not be available from 14th June to 20th September, 2017

We get to the root causes of stress and find positive ways of dealing with them, a process that is entirely personalised. This could be achieved through a range of spa therapies, acupuncture, aqua therapies like watsu, mindful yoga, outdoor activities, meditation, nutritional cuisine and personal time for oneself. Our spaces, both private and shared, as well as all the sensory journeys at Vana are in themselves calming and healing.

Minimum stay: 7 nights


Vana’s yoga offering is truly unique as it looks at this ancient Indian science in its most holistic form. Guests choosing this retreat objective would want to work towards the true purpose of practicing yoga: achieving a union of body and mind. This would be done using the yogic practices of postures (Aasan), breath control (Pranayam), meditation (Dhyan) and appropriate lifestyle choices while at the retreat.

Our experienced yoga practitioners curate each session with a guest keeping in mind their needs, ability and intention.

Minimum stay: 7 nights
Optimum stay: 21 nights


Panchakarma allows one to reach the root cause of imbalance in the body and cleanse, repair and revitalise, thus restoring equilibrium. This is done through a series of Ayurveda therapies, Ayurveda supplements, cuisine that suits your body type and program, gentle Yoga and meditation where appropriate, a prescribed daily routine and regular consultations with our Ayurveda specialists. The program includes the various phases of Purvakarma, Pradhanakarma and Paschatakarma. At Vana, we offer a 21-night Panchakarma incorporating treatments of varying intensity that detox, destress and rejuvenate. A 21-night Panchakarma includes treatments such as Abhyanga, Swedana, Nasya, mild Virechana and Vasti, with 2 days of Samsarjana Karma, as well as Snehapana (internal oleation) and a longer period of Vasti treatments.

Minimum stay: 21 nights
Optimum stay: 35 nights


Detox focused retreats vary in intensity and duration and are a combination of regulated diet, nutrition, herbs, rest and specific movement practices to stimulate and enhance the body’s process of purification. At Vana, we have multiple approaches to crafting a detox program varying from a holistic cleanse to one based on sowa rigpa, acupuncture, yoga or ayurveda.

A detox works towards wellbeing through creating a process of renewal and restoring balance to one’s habits and lifestyle.

Minimum stay: 14 nights


Fitness goals may include enhancing muscular strength, flexibility and agility, managing one’s weight and improving body tone. Guests on a functional fitness retreat at Vana can expect to not only receive private training, but also guidance on nutrition and overall health and lifestyle.

Vana features two pools and tennis courts, paths for walking within the estate, and a contemporary 1500 square foot gymnasium fitted with latest Technogym equipment, including two kinesis machines. The retreat’s steam, sauna and infra-red sauna add valuable benefit before and after fitness sessions. Our weekly hikes also build endurance and give guests a chance to experience the outdoors.

Various treatments from our offering of ayurveda, sowa rigpa, natural therapies and yoga further promote physical health and wellbeing.

Minimum stay: 7 nights


Best suited to simply unwind, rest and rejuvenate. This retreat objective is recommended for guests who wish to focus on our spa offering, complemented with other treatments and activities that bring about vitality and a sense of balance. Vana’s design philosophy and curated activities, music and aromas will further enhance the achievement of this objective.

Minimum stay: 7 nights


Having understood underlying causes, our wellness consultants and nutritionist craft a retreat that best achieves a guest’s objective to arrive at a healthy body weight. This is done by combining a mindful approach to eating with appropriate physical activity and supported by therapies from various parts of our wellness offering.

We believe it is necessary to follow a balanced approach to arrive at a sustainable state of physical wellbeing.

Minimum stay: 14 nights
Optimum stay: 21 nights


Our approach to wellbeing allows guests to craft their wellness itinerary with our wellness consultants after arrival. Through a process of exploring different aspects of a guest’s wellbeing and taking from our vast array of treatments, consultations and activities, we create a perfectly suited retreat for each guest. This allows guests pressed for time, or unsure what their wellness needs might be when they come to Vana, to book their retreat without any compromise.

Minimum stay: 7 nights



Each of our treatments, consultations and private sessions has a value in wellness weights. Your retreat includes two wellness weights per night per guest, beyond which they may be taken à la carte. For example:

  • Classical swedish massage: 1
  • Deep tissue massage: 1
  • Private yoga: 1
  • Private fitness: 1
  • Moxibustion: 1.4
  • Ai chi: 1.4
  • Abhyanga two therapists: 1.4
  • Ku nye two therapists: 1.4
  • Vana synchronised massage: 1.6
  • Watsu: 1.6
  • Acupuncture with consultation: 1.8
  • Shirodhara with abhyanga two therapists: 2

Our wellness consultants work within what is included in your retreat while crafting your wellness itinerary. However, if they feel that additional or higher value treatments would be beneficial to you, they may suggest that you take them à la carte.

Your retreat at Vana includes:

  • Treatments/consultations/private sessions based on two wellness weights per night per guest and three wellness weights for retreats of 21 nights and more
  • Arrival and departure wellness consultations
  • Retreat wellbeing activities focused on wellness, cuisine, music etc.
  • All Vana wellness cuisine including breakfast, lunch, dinner and beverages (except wine and residence dining delivery)
  • Airport transfers
  • All taxes. No service charge or gratuities are added and our team members do not expect tips as appreciation for their work.

We provide all our guests with comfortable kurta pajamas to wear at the retreat as well as footwear. This includes woollen capes during winter months.