Sketchbook is one of the unique spaces at Vana that offers the opportunity to reflect and ideate.

The space has three studios which serve as inspiring meeting spaces. Sketchbook is meant for those wishing to workshop and create in Vana’s unique environment while being on retreat. An intimate group ranging from a few to up to 16 people can have their day planned by our team, balancing their time between work, private treatments and bespoke group wellbeing activities.

The smaller studios are also appropriate for individuals working on a project that need a dedicated space for work outside their room or suite.

Sketchbook has iMacs, printers, stationery, a selection of publications, audio-visual equipment and conferencing. Its pantry serves our range of beverages.

It hopes to become a place where people come to create, innovate and start afresh. Be it alone or together. And also experiment with finding greater balance in a productive lifestyle.

Come and create @Sketchbook!

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