August 11th - 18th, 2017

The Vana School is a creative experiment that reflects Vana’s evolution, where the Retreat will transform into a school of learning, creativity and play, offering week long retreats for children from 0 to 15 years of age. While young Vanavasis would be accompanied by adult family members, it will be them who would be the focus and protagonists of the Vana School.

This year our plan is to have one-week retreat from Friday, 11th August to Friday, 18th August, 2017.

Each day of the Vana School would be thoughtfully laid out in a structured itinerary. Specially curated activities with elements of fun and learning, practical daily life skills, developing respect and gratitude for nature, understanding traditional wisdom, and lifestyle guidance from Indian and Western cultures will be included. It is essential for the young Vanavasis to participate in all activities. Our aspiration is that children should become curious, learn and acquire beneficial skills through the Vana School, that will help them live a better life.

To create meaningful impact, we need accompanying adults to have a spirit of trust and surrender to this experience. We would also be delighted to consider your contribution through any special skills and talents that you have. We will integrate the expertise of our team members with that of our partners and friends, to facilitate all activities. Our approach will be to see children as saplings that need mindful nurturing and not vessels to be filled with information. Our team, with an eclectic mix of expertise in wellbeing, cuisine, nutrition, music and creative arts will foster young Vanavasis with love, care and gentle discipline.

Vana’s cuisine offering will be adapted to communal family dining and our menus made more relevant to young Vanavasis. The repertoire of wellness treatments will also be revised during the Vana School and a few treatments beneficial for children will be offered to young Vanavasis. As we do with all Vanavasis, a brief wellness assessment will be sent to understand routines and wellbeing concerns, if any.

Young Vanavasis will likely be offered treatments on alternate days, decided during an informal specialist consultation, in the presence of accompanying adults. A gentler form of yoga and also exercise will be part of daily activities. Infants and toddlers would also receive in-room massages with the assistance of their parents who could learn relevant treatment techniques. Adults would have one wellness treatment per day as well as consultations.

An orientation for accompanying adults as well as a fun orientation for young Vanavasis will be done at the start of the retreat. Retreat spaces would be made more comfortable and fun for young Vanavasis, including designated areas for creativity and fun.

Some important points to note:

  • Adults would be charged our normal retreat prices. There will be no additional charge for young Vanavasis if they stay with accompanying adults. If parents would like an additional room for their children, it would be charged at INR 15,000 per night.
  • All meals will be served at Salana. Anayu would be open to adult Vanavasis.
  • Nibbles and juices will be served at the Kila lounge throughout the day.
  • Certain spaces might be restricted for young children for safety reasons.
  • Strollers would not be allowed within the Kila.
  • Apart from our own doctors, a pediatrician will be available on call at all times.
  • We intend to limit each retreat to about 40 children as a maximum.


Vana is preparing to welcome young Vanavasis to a week of enriching learning and meaningful experiences. Our activities, spaces, cuisine and treatments are being transformed and adapted for this retreat. New activities are being curated by our team and external facilitators with special skills and expertise in children’s learning and development. We also anticipate contribution of your talents to make the Vana School more wholesome and engaging for everyone. We are creating a daily itinerary that allows for uniqueness and preferences while giving structure to the day. Below is what we have put together so far:

Apothecary Breakfast

Wisdom Practice

Yoga, meditation, breathing, mindful walking


Wisdom Learning | Life Skills

Interactions, story-telling, cooking, house chores

Energy Break

Exercise | Sports

Animal moves, free form dance, trampoline jumping, tennis


Working in Nature | Play

Gardening, composting, outdoor games, drum circle


Creative Arts | Indian Traditions

Music lessons, pottery, block printing, rangoli

Games | Treatment

Board games, puzzles, Ku Nye, Abhyanga


Music recitals | Movies


On specific days, we are also planning an excursion, a festival, a themed evening and a Puja. The sample activities listed above are only a few amongst the vast choices we are working on, that will be mapped throughout the week.

As you can see, there are options of activities suitable for each young Vanavasi based on age, comprehension and interest. While some will be dynamic and energetic, others will be more relaxed and playful. On alternate days, we will also schedule treatments for them. The involvement of young Vanavasis will be facilitated by our friends and partners along with the Team. Their expertise and backgrounds span across sports, exercise, creative arts, dance, music, child psychology and education.

We look forward to seeing you at the Vana School.

For more information or to book your retreat, please write to us at