Saturday, 6th July – Friday, 12th July, 2019

At Vana, the spirit and culture of Japan is a constant source of inspiration.

In July, for the first time, we will be conducting a six-day, immersive retreat dedicated to exploring specific Japanese arts and traditions. This retreat will be led by four qualified practitioners: Tomomi Kitami, Tomomi Kamoshita, Jyoti Naoki Eri and Megumi Kawakami. Along with our classes and workshops, we will imbue the days with rituals, lectures, culinary offerings, and entertainment that will allow us a peek in to what it means to live the Japanese way.

This year we will focus on exploring three ‘Core Traditions: Kintsugi, Calligraphy, and the Art of the Tea Ceremony’. Each day will be structured to focus on one tradition at a time; instruction will be followed by practice hours. This structure will ensure what is learnt here can be built on when Vanavasis return home.

We will also offer one Cultural Tradition workshop each day. Examples include a class on Origami, Zen meditation, and Furoshiki (the Japanese art of cloth wrapping).

With Core and Cultural workshops conducted by our visiting experts, and the unique atmosphere that a collective spirit of learning will bring to Vana, we look forward to a lovely, educational week.

Profiles of Facilitators
The Dou Retreat will be facilitated by:

Tomomi Kitami
Tomomi Kitami is a photographer, artist and is also trained in Indian classical music. She is our key advisor on aspects related to Japanese traditions and culture. She was instrumental in organizing our first kintsugi workshop and is the primary curator of the Dou Retreat.

Tomomi Kamoshita
Tomomi Kamoshita is a Tokyo-based Kintsugi and ceramic artist. Over the years, Tomomi has developed a modern version of working with Kintsugi, and has hosted several workshops on the art form all over the world. At the Dou retreat, she will be leading Kintsugi, Origami, Furoshiki, and Tea Ceremony workshops.

Jyoti Naoki Eri
Jyoti Naoki Eri is an Auroville-based Japanese artist. He is highly skilled in the mediums of calligraphy, sculpture, water colors, ceramics, and lacquer work, and uses art to make larger social commentaries. At Vana, he will be leading Calligraphy, Tea Ceremony and Zen meditation classes.

Megumi Kawakami
Megumi is a Tokyo-born artist, a graduate of the Pratt Institute in NYC, and the Founder of ‘Somewhere Studio’. At the retreat, she will be assisting Tomomi Kamoshita in the Kintsugi, Art of the Tea Ceremony, Origami and Furoshiki workshops.

Retreat Terms

1. The retreat will begin on the afternoon of July 6th, and will conclude by lunch on 12th.
2. The retreat must be attended from start to finish.
3. The retreat is available for non-residents, at Rs 20,000 per person.

To express your interest or to book your retreat, please write to Retreat Reservations at «» or call us at +91 135 3911114.