In this era and all those that have been, it is a rare occurrence and privilege to encounter a being like Khyentse Rinpoche. A sublime teacher, ‘true’ friend, prolific artist and writer, silent patron and provocative vanguardista, Rinpoche truly seems to transcend the boundaries of space, time and energy. From supporting his monasteries in India and Tibet to ambitious projects like ‘84000’, to his books and films such as ‘ The Guru Drinks Bourbon’ and ‘Hema Hema’, Rinpoche’s ceaseless and selfless activity inspires and benefits innumerable beings.

This short retreat began on Sunday, 12th March morning and concluded on Tuesday, 14th March with lunch. It was especially oriented towards aspiring shishyas or practitioners, with an interest to deepen their understanding and benefit others while on their life’s journey. The retreat was relevant and engaging for novices or experts, the light-hearted or serious, the hedonistic or ascetic alike!

For some of us the Siddhartha Festival, Rinpoche’s interaction in Delhi early this year or Vidyaloke’s Inaugural Teachings, have served as a catalyst. Here at Vana, there was an opportunity to take this exploration further and develop a personal practice.

Rinpoche made the sessions of this retreat interactive, practical and engaging, peppered with creativity and enjoyment. He used certain creative and interactive mediums, both indoors and outdoors. We were also taught how to perceive and practice meditation in ways that are not intimidating.
Perhaps the most skillful and innovative teacher of the Buddha’s wisdom in this generation, spending time with Rinpoche was a unique gift. His vast knowledge and love for India’s spiritual and cultural legacy also make him a profound source of Indian wisdom as a whole.

We are tremendously blessed to have had Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche give us his most precious time to lead us on this retreat.