In a step towards furthering and expressing Vana’s vision to be of service and enhance wellbeing, we are evolving towards a different paradigm, where Wellness shall co-exist with Wisdom, Learning and Giving as equal foundations of Vana.

We are beginning a process of adapting certain concepts, offerings and spaces to achieve what we informally call amongst the Vana team as Vana 2.0. This transformation will start to gain momentum by later this year and early next year and our hope is to see it to it’s completion sometime in 2019.

Our wellness offering will see pivotal re-organisation, an organic progression in our growth journey. Our health systems and expertise so far known as ‘Seven Offerings’ have now come together under the umbrellas of Traditional Medicine and Complementary Therapies and Movement. This step will give us more focus and help build greater skills to deal with complex health issues. Vana 2.0 will also reenergise our wellness spaces and resources up to their full potential that will only further aid our evolution journey. Vanavasis intending to come to Vana for quieter, longer or deeper spiritual retreats will have the option of specifically earmarked rooms and spaces.

As a first step, erstwhile Spa has now become Natural Therapies Center that will offer Complimentary Therapies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Natural Alignment, Chi Nei Tsang, Reflexology and few classical body treatments.

Couple of other spaces will undergo such transformation but the core and heart of Vana that you love will simply continue to evolve gently!

We remain rooted in who we are; we are dedicated to moving forward in this Wellness, Learning, Wisdom and Giving journey.

We would like to express our gratitude to all our Vanavasis, partners, friends and families who have encouraged and supported Vana in all these years.

Please keep checking your inbox for further details in upcoming updates for Vana 2.0.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to email us

With best wishes,

The Vana Team