25th – 29th March, 2019

Venerable Geshe Dorji Damdul, a distinguished Buddhist scholar and academic in Tibetan Buddhism, will be back at Vana from March 25th to 29th, 2019, to host a series of sessions on wisdom. The topic of his sessions will be ‘Heart Sutra for Wisdom – Dealing with Psychological Problems of Anxiety & Stress’.

He has great personal interest in Indian wisdom and is currently the Director of Tibet House, the Cultural Centre of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, based in New Delhi. He travels widely within India and abroad to teach Buddhist philosophy, psychology, logic and practice, and gives regular lectures at Tibet House and many other universities and institutes.

During his residency at Vana, he will be leading one session daily. One on one meetings with Geshe La can also be organised on request. Your treatments can be scheduled around these sessions.

We are grateful to Venerable Geshe Dorji Damdul for giving us his most valuable time to impart his knowledge, wisdom and a practice that will serve many of us for a long time to come.