Friday, April 27th – Sunday, April 29th, 2018

*Vana’s minimum stay of 5 nights applies

For millennia, the role of food has been as complex as the variety of our emotions. From craving and attachment to a source of inspiration and meditation, it breathes life into life.

Come to Vana for a Specialist Retreat on ‘Vana Cuisine’! Discover cuisine that works best for you, eat with the seasons, learn unique and nutritious recipes that are practical to cook back home.

Our senior Chefs Rajesh, Rakesh and Jyotsna will lead two practical sessions each day, along with experts from our Wellness team. Complemented with talks and consultations with our doctors and nutritionists.

Themes will include:

Coherence between food and wellbeing
Cuisine for healing and nutrition
Local – Seasonal – Natural
Food to suit dietary issues and preferences
Cooking for your body type
Home remedies
Natural beverages and mixology
Cuisine for Ayurveda

Your experience and sessions will not be limited to the kitchen but also extend to other beautiful spaces of Vana!

Sessions will be open to all Vanavasis but those signing up for this Specialist Retreat will be given priority and special attention. Your treatments will be scheduled around these sessions.

To book your retreat at Vana or to express interest in attending this retreat, please email Retreat Reservations on or call us at +91 135 3911114. You may also decide to attend these sessions after your arrival at Vana however numbers for this Specialist Retreat are limited!