With the intent to make Vana synonymous with a place where many positive activities spring forth, Vana hosted the first Short Retreat by Vana Foundation earlier this year. Led by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, this retreat was attended by existing Vanavasis and Vidyaloke Shishyas, who had the rare opportunity to receive teachings from one of the greatest Buddhist teachers of our time.

The Short Retreat format reiterates the fact that Vana is indeed a Retreat in the truest sense, and a refuge for those who have a keen interest in learning, wisdom and spiritual wellbeing.

We are happy to announce that Vana Foundation’s next Short Retreat at Vana will be led by Venerable Paisal Visalo, from Friday, 3rd November evening to Monday, 6thNovember, 2017 late afternoon.

Phra Paisal is one of the most respected and accomplished Theravadan monks and Buddhist scholars in Thailand. He is the Abbot of Wat Pa Sukato forest monastery. Phra Paisal took robes in 1983 and has been a strong advocate of non-violence, peace, ecology, meditation and human rights. He is also the co-founder and driving force behind Sekhiyadham, an organisation that drives community development in Thailand.

Phra Paisal’s teaching style and methods of meditation instruction are suitable for both beginners and seasoned practitioners. This retreat in November is open to existing Vanavasis and Shishyas, who may also nominate others with deep interest, but subject to Vana’s discretion.

During the retreat, we would spend the full day together; beginning with breakfast and concluding with dinner. Each day of this Short Retreat is carefully curated and thought through. Sessions will include teachings based on Buddhist philosophy, different forms of meditation, questions and answers and group discussions. The retreat must be attended in its entirety and for the intended purpose.

This Short Retreat will be curated by Vana Foundation. With spiritual wisdom as one of its founding pillars, Vana Foundation manifests subtle and far-reaching aspects of Vana’s vision. Vana Foundation will be supported by the Deer Park Institute, that aims to preserve and propagate India’s profound classical wisdom traditions.

Short Retreats at Vana have a fee of Rs 7,000 per person per night with three Shishyas in a room. You may also make up the difference and be two people or alone in a room. This includes your stay, meals and transfers from Dehradun airport/train station. Treatments will not be available for participants of this retreat. Meals would be prepared specially in an earmarked dining space.

If you wish to stay for a longer duration, before or after the Short Retreat, our regular Retreat prices will be applicable for the rest of your stay.

This time with Phra Paisal Visalo is a most unique and precious opportunity, to be introduced to fundamental concepts of mind practice, the Buddha’s teachings and practical tools for one’s inner journey. Phra Paisal has given us his valuable time, due to his long standing personal relationship with the Vana Family; it is otherwise rare to come across him in a setting such as Vana.

We encourage Vanavasis that seek more from Vana, and Shishyas of Indian wisdom that aspire to study our ancient wisdom traditions, to sign up for this retreat.

You will hear from us with more details, however you may book your place starting now!