At Vana, we craft a bespoke retreat for each of our guests. We use information shared before arrival and during the arrival consultation to determine the objectives guests wish to work on. These selections are flexible and always open to change. By taking from our vast offering of treatments, consultations and wellbeing activities, our experts create a personalised daily itinerary that works towards achieving these objectives.

Vana seeks to be a refuge of wellbeing. The retreat was created for an experience of immersion. Guests will best achieve their retreat objective by investing time on wellness, rest, eating mindfully and ‘just being’ at the retreat.

We understand different perspectives of wellness and work with each guest to restore balance, using what works best for them.

Though we are in the process of crafting meaningful activities that take guests outside Vana and enrich wellbeing, both physical and spiritual, it is life within the retreat that draws guests to Vana. Our contemporary design, wellness cuisine, daily guided meditation and yoga, nutritional cuisine lessons, music performances, herb and vegetable gardens, mindful tea, fruit orchards and more create an overall experience of wellbeing. Read about retreat activities at Vana.

Vana believes that it is a leveller for its guests, where material differences are left outside and people connect to each other and nature equally.

It is our hope that everyone who enters Vana does so with a generosity of spirit, faith in what we do and an ability to forgive us for our mistakes.

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