24th – 29th June, 2018

Inspired by our ambition to make Vana a place of learning, the Young Vanavasi Retreat invites children below 16 years of age accompanied by adult family members. This five day Retreat will be from June 24th – June 29th, 2018.

A daily itinerary is being curated that allows experiential learning for children of all age groups. Each day will begin with a brief session of Yoga or different forms of stretching, followed by ‘Wisdom through Activity’ using Ikebana, Haiku or Object Arrangement or basic meditation techniques to give our young Vanavasis tools for mindfulness and wellbeing of the mind. Certain days will have a session of ‘Exploration through a camera lens’.

Late afternoon sessions would be taken up with pottery and ceramics or with dance lesson options of various genres. Apart from possible treatments, our wellness consultants and specialists will endeavour to spend enough time with each young Vanavasi to determine their constitution, prescribe lifestyle and diet advice and work on basic health issues.

Other activities such as swimming, cycling, tennis, creative art corners will also be available. Books, games and movies can be taken to personal living spaces. We will even endeavour to give young Vanavasis a chance to practice ‘seva’ – work as service for others.

Our days will conclude with some music and fun, followed by a relaxed mindful dinner.

A parallel Retreat Program, including treatments, will be planned for adult Vanavasis and they are most welcome to join young Vanavasi activities wherever appropriate and practical.

Our endeavour will be to make these few days restful, fruitful, fun and mindful. Vana is passionate about the wellbeing, upbringing and lifestyle of the young, and this is our motivation behind organising the Young Vanavasi retreat.

Some important points to note:

  • There will be no charge for Young Vanavasis, if they are staying with accompanying adults.
  • Adults would be charged as per our Vana 5 pricing, for details click here. If parents would like an additional room for their children, it would be charged at INR 15,000 per night.
  • Check-in and check-out times would be applicable.
  • Vana attire will be provided to all.
  • Cuisine and living spaces will be adapted for our Young Vanavasis.
  • Certain spaces in the Retreat will be restricted for children as they might not be entirely safe for them, especially if they are very young.
  • If you have never been to Vana, do take a moment to understand our philosophy and guidelines by going through our website www.vana.co.in, specially ‘The Way of Vana for Vanavasis’.

To express your interest to participate or to book your retreat, please write to Retreat Reservations at retreat@vana.co.in or call us at +91 135 3911114.