Vassa, a rainy season retreat is an essential Buddhist practice where monks would stay in one location for three months and devote themselves to an intense study and practice of Dharma teachings. The retreat period would also be utilised by them to reflect, contemplate and meditate. The completion of Vassa would yield a person of calm and balanced mind qualities.

Furthermore, this period would serve as a homage to nature, as monks would fear trampling new life and small animals brought out by the rainy season. Some consider this the beginnings of the first monasteries.

With Vana’s landscape at its greenest and the adjacent sal forest lush, the monsoons are a special time to be on retreat at Vana. Considered an ideal time of year for physical cleanse, the rains act to clean the environment and one’s spiritual self.

To encourage guests to take longer retreats during the Vassa period and derive enduring benefit, retreats will include 3 wellness weights per night per guest instead of the usual 2. This will allow guests to take a greater number of treatments, consultations and private sessions during their retreat at Vana.

This will be applicable between 1st June – 31st August, 2016.

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