Weather at Vana


Grishma/Summers in Dehradun have a maximum temperature of ~38°C/100°F and a minimum of ~20°C/68°F, while Shishira/Winters have a maximum of ~22°C/72°F and a minimum of ~5°C/41°F. During Varsha/Monsoon, Dehradun experiences medium to high rainfall each day.

  • Shishira/Winter: 1st January to 28th February
  • Vasanta/Spring: 1st March to 30th April
  • Grishma/Summer: 1st May to 30th June
  • Varsha/Monsoon: 1st July to 31st August
  • Sharad/Autumn: 1st September to 31st October
  • Hemanta/Pre-winter: 1st November to 31st December


In December and January, we recommend that you travel by an afternoon flight. We have found that morning and evening flights are often delayed due to fog.


  • We provide all our guests with comfortable kurta pajamas to wear at the retreat. These are made from organic cotton in southern India and are laundered each day without charge.
  • Rubber slippers in the summer and crocs sandals in the winter will be found in your room. As well as a cloth bag for you to use at the retreat and take back home.
  • To enjoy our aqua therapies and pools, we recommend that you carry your swimsuit.
  • Please bring shoes for sport and hiking if you wish to play tennis, use our gymnasium or experience one of our weekly hikes.
  • Between October and February, we provide guests with woollen capes. Shawls are available in shared spaces. Guests may also bring additional warm clothing.
  • Yoga mats, meditation cushions and tennis racquets are available at the retreat. Tennis and swimming accessories are available in our boutique, dukān.
  • We have a professional in-house laundry.