Seven offerings

India’s traditional form of medicine is a science, philosophy and an art form. With the basic premise that understanding oneself and a balanced lifestyle are the key ingredients to a healthy life, it aims to restore equilibrium using basic principles, treatments, supplements and nutritional advice. Ayurveda looks at a person holistically, considering their physical, mental and spiritual self, as well as their environment. It uses nature and learning gathered over centuries to understand each individual separately, determine their ‘dosha’ and work towards what they need, thus achieve their highest state of wellbeing.

At Vana, we offer ayurveda in its most complete and pure form under the guidance of our ayurveda specialists and therapists. Our treatments are completely authentic, and all products used are selected for their therapeutic value.

Our panchakarma program is one of the most profound experiences at Vana, lasting minimum 21 nights with careful handholding and attention given to the guest, be it the temperature in their room or the right cuisine.

We believe that our ayurvedic offering is truly unique in its authenticity with equal attention given to all other parts of the guest’s stay, from the quality of our rooms and our design to our cuisine and character of service.


Sowa rigpa or ‘tibetan healing’ is the traditional form of medicine of Tibet, as ayurveda is to India and traditional chinese medicine to China. Historically, sowa rigpa was influenced by both ayurveda and traditional chinese medicine and bears similarities to both. It also encompasses a unique understanding of compassion and the mind rooted in tibetan buddhism.

At Vana, we offer sowa rigpa in its entirety through consultations, treatments, supplements and meditation. Treatments such as ku nye, dhugs, chu lum and gom are offered under the guidance of our sowa rigpa specialist. Our therapists are fully trained and formally certified from the Men-Tsee-Khang, the Tibetan Medical and Astrology Institute in Dharamsala, and practise this traditional science with complete sincerity and authenticity.

All sowa rigpa oils, products, herbs and teas are sourced directly from the Men-Tsee-Khang. A retreat crafted around this offering can address almost any aspect of wellbeing, from physical to spiritual.



At Vana, we practise yoga in a form that goes back to the roots of the science and includes body postures (aasan), meditation (dhyan), breath control (pranayam) and nutrition. Yoga’s immediate effects are to increase the body’s energy and its flow through the body, leading to a greater feeling of wellbeing.

We do not follow a particular school of yoga but instead look at it in its pure, undiluted form. In addition to bespoke private and group sessions at yogasala, we offer daily morning sessions at the outdoor yoga temple and evening sessions at the yogasala that are open to all our guests.



Our offering of natural therapies includes traditional chinese medicine (TCM) treatments such as acupuncture, moxibustion, chi nei tsang and cupping, along with consultations for nutrition and acupuncture.

We are working on a more elaborate range of treatments, all of which work towards maintaining balance and enhancing wellbeing. We also offer raag therapy through our resident flautist.

Treatments and consultations take place at our wellness center, including arrival and departure consults carried out by our team of wellness consultants, each one a doctor of traditional or complementary medicine.

Acupuncture and moxibustion are given by our TCM specialist, and nutrition consults by our in-house nutrition consultant.


Vana’s spa offering includes a classic repertoire of treatments including classical swedish massage, manual lymphatic drainage and deep tissue massage, as well as the Vana synchronised massage.

Our spa and its offering are designed to help guests relax, restore, revive and rejuvenate, but also to give therapeutic benefits.

A selection of fresh scrubs, wraps and facials also form part of our spa menu and are offered in our well-appointed salon. All treatments are carefully created to look at deeper benefits to the skin, scalp and overall body.

In our spa and salon treatments, we use our own natural massage oil blends, essential oils and products from our Vanaveda range, as well as fresh ingredients.


With a state-of-the-art 1,500 square foot gymnasium fitted with the latest Technogym equipment including kinesis, two pools and tennis courts, our fitness offering will include private training, stretching and advice from our nutritionist. We intend to relate fitness to movement and thus address flexibility, agility and balance, as well as overall physical health, weight, muscular and cardiovascular strength. Our steam, sauna and infra-red sauna provide much needed benefit before and after fitness sessions.

Our fitness offering is well complemented by treatments from the rest of our wellness offering and the right cuisine to truly enhance its effectivity.

Certain ayurvedic treatments such as abhyanga, patra pinda swedana and navara kizhi help improve muscle tone, flexibility and strength, in addition to enhancing circulation and endurance, whilst aqua sessions such as watsu, ai chi and aqua moves boost stamina, provide resistance to fatigue and strengthen the core.


Watsu and aqua therapies are offered in the retreat's private watsu pool, while our indoor pool provides us with the opportunity to offer group aqua therapies such as ai chi and aqua moves, using the unique properties of water to provide gentle yet effective total body strengthening and relaxation.

Our wellness consultants can help you choose these treatments as part of your objective to get fit, manage weight or simply destress and relax.

Group aqua classes will also be offered in the indoor pool and are open to all guests. Our aqua offering includes our 20m outdoor pool, steam, sauna and infra-red sauna freely accessible to all guests.

Aqua treatments are temporarily unavailable from 25th February, 2017 until further update.


To make the wellness experience as meaningful as possible, retreat wellbeing activities are offered each day and include group yoga, guided meditation, raag therapy, nutritional cuisine lessons, om chanting, mindful tea, flute recitals, ai chi, interactions with our wellness experts and more. Weekly hikes help to build endurance and give guests a chance to experience the outdoors. In addition, special spiritual and seasonal retreats will be also available at Vana at pre-defined periods each year.

Your retreat at Vana includes:

  • Treatments/consultations/private sessions based on two wellness weights per night per guest and three wellness weights for retreats of 21 nights and more
  • Arrival and departure wellness consultations
  • Retreat wellbeing activities focused on wellness, cuisine, music etc.
  • All Vana wellness cuisine including breakfast, lunch, dinner and beverages (except wine and residence dining delivery)
  • Airport transfers
  • All taxes. No service charge or gratuities are added and our team members do not expect tips as appreciation for their work.

We provide all our guests with comfortable kurta pajamas to wear at the retreat as well as footwear. This includes woollen capes during winter months.