Wellness Team

At Vana, we aim to create a bespoke wellness itinerary for each guest to best suit their needs. Our diverse team of specialists, practitioners, consultants and experts are focused on healing, restoring balance and enhancing wellbeing.

Vana has qualified doctors trained in ayurveda, sowa rigpa, yoga and traditional chinese medicine, and our wellness consultants also specialise in various forms of traditional or alternate medicine. Senior practitioners and therapists work with our specialists to deliver treatments and help guests achieve their desired objectives.

Our treatments, consultations and activities enable our wellness team to weave together an itinerary that meets a guest’s goals, preferences, body type and suits their previous wellness experience. Our experts also work closely with the cuisine team to ensure that your needs and preferences are taken care of.


Dr Avilochan Singh Dr Avilochan Singh is a fourth generation ayurvedacharya and has nearly fifteen years of experience practicing ayurveda. At Vana, Dr Singh spearheads our ayurveda offering and leads a team of practitioners to ensure that we represent the quintessential ayurvedic vaidya tradition. He aims to uphold the authenticity and integrity of ayurvedic principles within the retreat’s contemporary setting and establish a strong, yet dynamic ayurveda program that reflects Vana’s wellness philosophy.


Dr Jitendra Uniyal With twenty years of experience behind him, Dr Uniyal is one of our foremost specialists. He brings with him a diverse range of experiences and has worked in Europe, Canada, Sri Lanka and India. A doctor of traditional chinese medicine, he specialises in acupuncture, moxibustion and cupping. Dr Uniyal has also researched Himalayan medicine and the use of acupuncture with other forms of medicine. He is committed to understanding each person and their overall state of wellbeing in depth before beginning his treatments, and working with them over many sessions to truly address their needs. 


Dr Dhanraj Shetty Dr Shetty heads yoga at Vana. He has a bachelor’s degree in ayurvedic medicine, a MD in alternative medicine, a master’s degree in yogic science and a post-graduate certificate in panchakarma. He is a strong proponent of embracing natural methods of healing and a believer that yoga should be adapted to individual needs and goals. Dr Shetty ensures that each guest derives the maximum benefits of this ancient science and all of its facets.



Sneha Rai Sneha completed her formal studies in Australia, where she did a Masters in food studies, after doing a post-graduate diploma in nutrition and dietetics in India. Sneha has worked as a nutritionist with various organisations and is a member of the Nutrition Society of India. Sneha will work closely with guests to help them achieve weight management, detox and fitness goals and with our cuisine team to ensure that their retreat objectives are always met.



Azusa Segawa Azusa is a senior practitioner of chi nei tsang at Vana. An ancient Taoist healing technique that massages the internal organs via the abdomen, chi nei tsang energises, strengthens and detoxifies the internal system. Azusa is from Japan and has over seven years of working experience as a wellness practitioner. She has studied chi nei tsang, thai massage and reiki in Thailand, as well as yoga and meditation in India. Azusa is a true healer and is able to recognise the needs of each person that she treats and crafts her treatments accordingly.


Niranjan Das With a master’s degree in yoga philosophy, Niranjan believes in Vana’s approach of looking at yoga as a holistic science and its ability to help guests transform themselves and achieve their greatest potential. In his role as a yoga practitioner at Vana, Niranjan brings dedication, skill and passion to the retreat’s yoga offering, both in group and private sessions.