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A search for equilibrium, learning and the inner journey are at the heart of Vana. We are a refuge for all beings and are beyond conventional definitions. Vana means forest and those that take abode within it are Vanavasis.

The Retreat

It does take a day or two to discover Vana fully, even more to find its hidden nooks, which are best discovered unintentionally and at the right time. You will find places both inside and outdoors to sit and contemplate and to meditate. And others to meet Vanavasis and spend time together. Both time on your own and being with others is vital for one’s retreat. There are also spaces to read and a wonderful collection of books, comics and movies spread across more than one library. Music is an essential part of Vana’s life; you will enjoy many quiet performances and the occasional vibrant one during your time here. The flute is usually played as an offering to nature, regardless of whether anyone is present. Pujas or prayers are often held, for the health, wellbeing and prosperity of all, as well as to pay homage to our Gurus and Gods. Know more...

Leeu Collection

Learn more about Leeu Collection, Vana’s family properties in South Africa and the Lake District.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vana?

Vana means ‘forest’ in Sanskrit. It is the word that connects all our initiatives including our retreat, institute, foundation, personal care and ritual products and project that focuses on the revival of traditional Indian farming.

Who is a Vanavasi?

A Vanavasi is someone who strives for a sense of equilibrium and wellbeing that is wholesome, and in harmony with nature. In short, a Vanavasi is any member of the Vana family.

Who is part of the Vana community?

Like-minded individuals are drawn to Vana and its initiatives; although most are above the age of 35, age and cultural background are constantly changing categories for us. We have no ‘target audience’; a nineteen-year-old model and an eighty-year-old retired banker are equally at home here.

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